Cloudwatcher is a team of extraordinary people



Cloudwatcher is a team of extraordinary people
Here work those who want to change the world for the better. All of them: theoreticians and developers, practitioners and analysts, managers and leaders - are not only professional, but also very talented persons. Many are involved in volunteer activities, develop and implement their own social projects in various fields.

Working at Cloudwatcher provides a unique opportunity to combine and develop professional skills and desire to be useful to the society.


Ruslan graduated from the Department of International Economic Relations and the Department of Law of the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, majoring in the fields of "Currency and Credit Relations” and “European banking law”.

After an internship in Belgiumt, Ruslan Abdikeyev has become the Senior Vice-President of the “Sever” concern. Later he successfully worked in various business areas at Lukoil Petroleum, Russian Development Bank and other companies.

At the age of 27 Ruslan totally changed his worldview and left the business to be involved in Economy of Merits research activities. He took steps to build a system linking personal success with work for the benefit of the society. Cloudwatcher Social Innovation Lab organized by Ruslan Abdikeev in a few years became the Russian largest systems integrator of humanitarian aid and provided goods for more than 336 million rubles. More than 23 thousand people across Russia took part in Cloudwatcher volunteer projects. Were set up a think-tank and a discussion platform, uniting scientists, entrepreneurs, experts, developers and volunteers.

Ruslan Abdikeev

Strategical director of Laboratory of Social Innovations "Cloudwatcher"

Director of the Department of "Territorial Bank of Merit"

Project Manager

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