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Project Bank of Merits

Corporate Bank of Merits | Territorial Bank of Merits

Bank of Merits is a major project including all best practices of the Lab for the recent 8 years.

For solving any business or social task, people need to reach agreement. It is not easy even for people of a small group despite of many modern technical means of communication. Bank of Merits is a state-of-the-art technology for joining different people, creating communities of interest which can reach their goals.

The project develops in two directions: corporate and territorial.

Corporate Bank of Merits organizes internal groups in a company, increases loyalty of employees, reduces turnover of staff, improves the PR, GR, and IR parameters.

Territorial Bank of Merits creates territorial communities of interest, enables development of social infrastructure, higher quality standard of living and creation of comfortable living space for this group of people.   


RSS, семинары клуба

Corporate Bank of Merits:

- Effective realization of CSR (corporate social responsibility)
- Higher PR, GR, and IR parameters
- Reduced turnover of staff
- Self–actualization, possibility to view result of one’s own activity
- Creation of community of like-minded persons


Territorial Bank of Merits:

- Higher standard of living
- Self–actualization, possibility to view result of his/her own activity
- Creation of community of interest of like-minded persons
- Access to goods from Bank of Merits and other non-material values of the System


Bank of Merits is a new technology to join different people together.  

For more information about Bank of Merits, please contact us on the phone: (495) 933-95-16, email:

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