Club “Economy of Merits”

Club “Economy of Merits” is a series of Cloudwatcher public seminars and workshops. It holds its meetings since 2011. Here we discuss alternative principles of social contract and interaction between society, business and government.

The speakers of the club are sociologists, economists, historians, entrepreneurs and public figures. Among the speakers were: Alexander Auzan (social organization of the future), Alexander Balfour (merits in social entrepreneurship), Vyacheslav Glazychev (the role of local communities), Johan Gustavsson (social entrepreneurship in Europe and Russia), Natalia Nikitina (Time banks), Boris Kagarlitsky (#occupy), and many others.

The audience play an important role in the meetings of the club. We have an active community of regular visitors and a plenty of newcomers for each theme. The community core consists of graduate students, young entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and volunteers. Each event provokes a conversation with the lecturer, and usually becomes a media event. All seminars are recorded, we make transcripts, a Youtube and TV movie. For our foreign speakers we invite a professional interpreter.

Meetings are held every Thursday at 19:30. The address is Obraztsova, st. 14. The map is here

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