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Генеральный партнер и спонсор Лаборатории социальных инноваций — Группа компаний «Связной» и Связной Банк. Позиция компании не случайна: слово «связной» обозначает не только технологическую связь и коммуникацию, но еще и связь между людьми: социальную связность, взаимность. Это определенная система взаимоотношений между людьми. Мы все делаем доброе в надежде, что мир встречно отблагодарит нас добром, поскольку все в жизни СВЯЗАНО.


Svyaznoy is the largest independent federal retail chain, distributor of mobile devices, and provider  of service and financial services.

The company has been operating since 1995. To date, 3 373 stores are opened in Russia and Belarus. More than 1.2 million transactions are operated every day. In Svyaznoy stores, in addition to mobile phones and services, are presented mobile computers, modems, photo and audio / video equipment, and accessories. Also the company provides an extensive range of services, including additional guarantees to mobile devices, configuration  and installation of applications, payments, etc.


In the autumn 2010 the company announced the opening of Svyaznoy Bank. For retail customers, the Bank offers attractive financial products in the stores of Svyaznoy retail chain. To corporate clients the Bank offers credit and deposit products, payroll and acquiring services in Svyaznoy Bank offices.


Svyaznoy Cloub is a Loyalty bonus program. It is the largest coalition loyalty program in the country and has over 16 million members.

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Nonprofit organization & Foundations:  

Social Information Agency and the project “Tak prosto”, Azarovsky Orphanage School (Kaluga region., Kaluga), Bitsa Park Foundation "Volunteers to help orphans", Foundation "Downside Up", Charitable Foundation " Detsky Mir, "Foundation" Dobroe Delo", Foundation"Podari zhizn, "Foundation for the promotion of education of orphans"Bolshaya peremena", volunteer group,"Starost v radost”, Volunteers Club, Volunteer movement " Musora.Bolshe.Net", Children's home № 12 (Moscow), the Children's Home Krasnoarmeysk (Moscow Region, Krasnoarmeysk) Volunteer movement “Danilovtsy”, Goethe Institute, Karabanovsky Orphanage (Vladimir region., Alexander's district, Karabanovo), Kutuzov boarding school (the Moscow region, Domodedovo district, d.Kutuzovo), an international youth organization AIESEC, interregional public organization supporting the program of education of the younger generation of "Big Brother / Big Sisters ", Moscow House of War Veterans and Armed Forces,  Special correctional boarding school 8 of the form, Mytishchi orphanage (Moscow reg., Mytischi), Nepetsinskaya boarding school (Moscow region, Kolomna district, village Nepetsino) , Hospice Pokrov (Moscow Region, Leninsky district, village. Yakovlev), Hospice Rozhdestvensky (Kaluga region., vil. Nizhnie Pryski), neuropsychiatric hostel № 11 (Moscow), the regional public organization "Society of Large Families "Sunshine",  Regional society of disabled people "Perspektiva", sanatorium children's home № 17 (Moscow), Foundation supporting large and foster families "Children are our future", Foundation of garden therapy " garden in the city ", the Center for Curative Pedagogics, Boarding school № 8 (Moscow), Boarding school № 81 (Moscow).

FSC, WWF, Alpary, Detskie Derevni – SOS, Charity Foundation “Detyam s lyubovyu”, CF “Roditelsky most”, CF “Podelis teplom”, Ronald McDonald Fund, Greenpeace,  Samusocial Moscow, Russian public organization Miloserdie, Russian Red Cross, St.Petersbug fund “Fund by St. Dmitry Solunsky”, Russian public organization “Solnechnye deti”, and others



ABB, Align, Amway, CORNERSTONE, DHL, Henkel, INFINUM, Intel, Philips, PwC, AvtoSpecCenter, Nissan service, Detsky Mir, Magazine BlankMag, Kraft Foods, Megafon, Mercedes-Benz, Nomos-Bank, Novatek, Nokia Siemens Network, 3M, Avon, BAT, Cadburry, Campbell’s, Campina, Cargill, DHL, DPD, Ferrero, Google, Henkel,Itella, J&J, Leroy Merlin. L’Oreal, Real, NcCain. Nadom Group, Neslte, OBI, OTTO, OLTRI, Kinari, Coffee House, Red Cube, Lebedyanks, Mir Fantasy, Mistral, Moscow Book House, 1st Republican Bank, Protek, RusAl, Russian Product, Samtorg, Sibur, SPSR, Stroygazconsulting, Khlebrom, Econica, Smart Telecom and others.

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