Economy of Merits

Bank of Merits is the main instrument of the initiative. It allows creating communities of interest, recording contributions and merits of all its participants. Use of this technology allows to:

  • conclude a new social contract
  • organize effective collaboration of any quantity and kin of participants

We propose to organize our life in a way that would allow us to identify merited persons. These persons should receive the maximum opportunities and advantages in:

  • receiving orders from commercial companies
  • receiving state contracts
  • Deployment of posts in government and state institutions
  • employment by large corporations
  • obtaining tax deductions and other benefits
  • having access to different types of resources, etc


Club “Economy of Merits”

We continue the course of our weekly seminars where we invite experts from different areas. The goal of our seminars is to understand how the society is being changed, to discuss theoretical issues and practical case studies. Analyzing alternative versions, we want to determine the place that Economy merits occupies in these trends.

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