Проект "Перевод"

Launched 20.04.2011

The purpose of the project is to assist professional translators with disabilities to obtain orders from commercial companies. The project is implemented by the Bezgraniz International Translation Center together with the Social Innovation Laboratory.


Almost every company has a necessity in translation of legal, technical or other documentation on a base from time to time. To satisfy this need, the companies usually involve outsourced translators. The Bezgraniz International Translation Center places such orders to its employees, highly skilled translators with disabilities. The company's staff consists of 80 people, the graduates of leading universities located in Russia and across the globe.

Social Innovation Laboratory, through its partner network of corporations and nonprofit organizations, assists Bezgraniz with its search for new customers and translators.

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If you are a company using the services of outsourced translators, we invite you to participate in the project.

To initiate our cooperation, we can perform a test translation. This will allow you to assess the level of our services provided and to select a translator with the best matching style (we can provide 2-3 variants made by different translators).

By participating in the Translation project, your company will:

- Obtain highly professional translation services

- Provide disabled people with the opportunity to work in their qualification

For more details on participating in the project, please contact Vardan Muradyanz: +7 (495) 933-95-16, email: babiy@cw.ru

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